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Circus Vargas



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Various locations throughout Southern CA

Phone: (877)468-3861

Beautiful choreography is a hallmark of Circus Vargas

2015 Review: During the President's Day weekend, my family had the privilege of viewing Circus Vargas again for an update on their latest performances. Over two years since the first review, the acts and stunts of the famous Circus Vargas have slightly altered, but their foundation of amazing family entertainment has not changed. Several performances such as the astonishing trapeze artists, a classic clown, the trampoline bouncers, dumbfounding magic shows, and beautifully choreographed dance routines are still part of the Vargas experience.

Several new stunts have been recently introduced, adding to the fun and joy of this circus. Their new stunts include a performer defying gravity by walking across the ceiling, two dare-devil performers carrying out reckless stunts on a spinning red contraption that somewhat resembles a hamster wheel, and an amazing family entertainer named ArleQuin.

The act which now frames the circus story is depicted by a young boy dreaming of joining the circus. As night falls, festive circus performers dance through his dreams, and among them is ArleQuin (Arlie) who serves as a guide, introducing the boy to the wonder of the circus. Arlie is a jolly performer who gives out balloons to the little kids in the audience. It will be a great experience for young children to see and possibly meet him.

Some of the acts that my kids especially enjoyed included a lady stepping into a transparent ball, while dancing, as the ball was elevated to the ceiling. When the ball descended back to the ground, many talented performers surprisingly jumped out of the ball and started to dance. The dancers had excellent choreography and dancing, they performed various magic tricks including making people disappear. The trampoline act was also notable, and two men performed daring tricks on the trampoline including flips and multiple somersaults.

After the intermission, a trapeze act followed with performers gracefully soaring in the air, swinging across the ceiling, and grabbing ahold of one another to make connections in mid-air. The performers were very careful and successful, and I'm certain this act was a crowd-pleaser. Another enjoyable act featured a man flipping people with his feet and then swinging them in circles on a stick, also with just his feet. Young children were featured in this act and they were impressively talented. Children in the audience seemed especially delighted by the young performers.

This revolving contraption is a breath-taking new addition

Towards the end of the show, the motorcyclists came and rode circles within a caged ball. While this act was a bit frightening the first time we saw it, they have increased the suspense this time by including a woman inside the cage, while the motorcyclists rode circles around her! We were all relieved when she and the motorcyclists came out alive! In the finale, the cast performed a dance, creating a lot of joy and entertainment. Circus Vargas was a wonderful and entertaining event for my whole family.

Circus Vargas travels throughout California and, as mentioned in the previous review, no animals are used in the show, to their great credit. I would not take my children to a circus that used or mistreated animals, but I felt very good about taking them to this show, and this awesome group demonstrates to all that circuses can be wonderful without any animal involvement. The show takes place in a one-ring European style tent. All of the seats encircle the ring, allowing all of the audience a good view of the show. The show is just under two hours, with an intermission, but if you arrive early, there is a pre-show and an opportunity to obtain autographs from the performers.

Overall, Circus Vargas is an extraordinary family experience, and we highly recommend catching it when they visit an area near you. Check the website for a show coming to your area. You can purchase tickets online or at the Big Top itself.

The after-show encounters are very memorable to the young ones!

2013 Review:

In a world full of computer generated images, auto-corrected voices, and virtual reality, a show put on by real performers exhibiting amazing abilities is a treat for the entire family and should not be missed. Just such entertainment is provided by the spectacular Circus Vargas, a family-owned traveling show under the big top, just like those enjoyed by earlier generations. Since the 1970s, Circus Vargas has been bringing the thrill of trapeze artists and high-wire performers to thousands of awe-struck audiences. The current ensemble, judging from the show we attended, must be among the best.

The warm-up act was a “master balancer” who soon demonstrated why he had earned that moniker. Taking any item given to him by audience members, including a shoe, a box of popcorn, and a twenty dollar bill, he would soon have it balancing on his nose. As impressive as that was, I was truly amazed when he hoisted a very large grocery cart up and balanced it on his chin. Mixing humor in with his performance, he set the stage for the high level of professionalism displayed by all the acts.

Circus Vargas uses no animals in its show, so the entire production consists of singers, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, and of course, clowns. One very lively stunt was a gravity defying use of a trampoline and wall, where the performer dropped from his perch about ten feet up and then walked up the wall until he was again seated. By the end of the act, three acrobats were dropping and bouncing from side to side and walking up the wall, somehow without colliding with each other.

If I thought that was good, I was about to be stunned. A spherical cage was brought out, and it looked barely large enough for a man to stand in with his arms extended. Not sure what to expect, I was startled when three motorcycles screamed into view doing wheelies. The riders were a man, his wife, and young son, and I still could not figure out what the globe was for, because it seemed obvious a motorcycle would be hard to fit inside, and riding would seem impossible. Yet one at a time, that is exactly what they did, including the little boy. The motorcycle would enter the cage, and with no hesitation was soon hurling around in loops and circles. My jaw dropped when the two older riders entered the cage at the same time and spun around in different directions. I have no idea how they could do that without crashing into each other!

Kids will never forget seeing a human projectile: a man being shot through the air like a bullet

Other acts included a juggler who did tricks and was up to an impressive nine balls before he seemed to reach his limit, a large family did impressive work on the trampoline, a performer did some fancy footwork on a tightrope, and the same man who rode the motorcycle even blasted out of a canon! The singing and dancing were very good, and the clown was entertaining, and several magic tricks left us scratching our heads, especially a couple where the dress a woman was wearing would change color in an instant. But the one other trick that had my family talking and wondering how they did it for many hours after the show involved a vanishing girl and flaming spears.

In one of the highlights of Circus Vargas, a woman was on an elevated platform that seemed quite transparent. A cloth was placed in front of her, and then flaming spears were thrust through the cloth. The cloth was lifted and the woman was gone. Now I have to admit, after seeing dozens of magic acts, I knew there is some secret that makes this possible, but when the magician waved the cloth and the woman appeared, and then he waved it again and a second woman appeared, I was baffled. Even one of my sons who has read books on magic tricks was stumped by this one!

In sum, for an entertaining family outing, look for Circus Vargas when it comes to town. The amazing talent and pride in a top-notch performance is displayed by all the artists, and everyone in my family had a great time.

2018 Review:

In 2018, Circus Vargas maintained its traditional charm while adding exciting new features, giving it a fresh twist. Each year, this wonderful circus comes up with inventive new shows worth viewing and worthy of return visits! Here were some of the noteworthy updates:

Trampoline Pirates:
In 2018, a new theme takes place with their traditional Pirate act, which is very exciting for the little ones. Children can enjoy the vibrancy of bouncing pirates in a seemingly dangerous, yet fun voyage, as the pirates fall off the "shipside" ledge and onto trampolines on opposite sides of the ship. With the thrilling music in the background, the experience was stirring. The performers’ full realistic pirate costumes allow kids to believe that they really are in contact with pirate friends! The performers had the whole crowd rooting for them as they performed their breathtaking “falls” onto the trampolines. The stunts are not too scary for the little ones, however rather edgy, as the experienced pirates perform numerous backflips on trampolines, handstands, and fun and quirky choreography. We especially enjoyed this performance and so will the youngsters as they get to experience an adventure as if it is their own with the pirates at Circus Vargus.

Bathtub Dancing
A new act this year involved a man dancing and doing a performance with a bathtub! This act may have been a bit racy for the little ones, but very entertaining for the adults. The bathtub performer performed some intense choreography as if he was a naked man (he happened to be covered) enjoying his time bathing in a bathroom. It was quite entertaining for the older audience as he amazed everybody with his exciting, thrilling, never-seen-before dance moves in this unique bathtub setting. The bath performance is exciting for the girls in the audience as well! The man brought on his sexy performance as he showed some skin and carried his performance on with upbeat music, silly props for enhancement purposes, and an all-around creative act that has never been seen before this stunning performance at Circus Vargus.

Triple Motorcycle Cube Riders
Last year, two very talented motorcycle drivers impressed us all with a risky performance riding upside down and around each other as they encircled the interior of a large spherical cube. However this year three motorcycle drivers, with lit wheels, performed their driving stunts within the cage all at once. Similar to last year’s performance, the riders entered the cube, drove upside down and all around the inside of the ball, however with three drivers at once, the excitement mounted. The motorcyclists were so skilled that they made the entire process look quite effortless! The experience is very intense and exciting for all ages, including little ones. The fast, well-trained drivers took everybody into a state of excitement as their inspiring performance provided entertainment as well as something to talk about after the show. This show is thrilling for all, regardless of age!

The circus this year also featured traditional clown antics, a pirate dance, a jump rope act, and, notably, a contortionist act between two very flexible women. With these highlighted new shows for all ages and temperaments, Circus Vargus 2018 certainly continues to be an exhilarating experience.

Magic shows and clowns are classic acts that grace Circus Vargas