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Why Avoid Bed & Breakfasts

When it comes to Bed-and-Breakfasts, we run the risk of misdirected energy and focus. An important question we should ask ourselves, especially when vacation time proves scarce, is whether we want to focus our energy on other people for a portion of our vacation or on our partner and family? When we plan a vacation designed theoretically for togetherness, we should make certain that it is just that. Bed-and-breakfasts work counterproductively towards the two vacation goals of this site: romance and child-friendliness.

Squelching the Romance
The lack of privacy poses a barrier to romance.

A Not-So Friendly Environment for Youngsters
Bed-and-Breakfast staff can be indifferent and hostile to the needs of children.

Baby Sitting Problems
Bonded babysitting is a must.

Limitations and Inconveniences
Bed-and-Breakfast are poorly equipped to meet the needs of the family traveler.