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Baby-Sitting Problems

Some bed-and-breakfast inns try to convince potential visitors that by offering a list of babysitting services in their area, they are meeting parents' needs every bit as well as these four and five-star resorts. But for the most part, many problems exist with such a method, the first being that not all babysitting services are bonded. A bonded babysitting service will assume financial liability should the child get hurt or should any instances of theft from your hotel room (where the sitter watches your baby) occur during the time of the service. Secondly, if we locate one that is bonded, we then must ask, to whom are they accountable? Independent mom-and-pop babysitting businesses are not accountable to multi-million dollar hotel establishments prepared to back up their services. Furthermore, by employing a random service, our babies are not necessarily at our fingertips, so to speak, as they are by design at the resorts presented here. Several of the resorts also issue pagers so we can be instantly notified should our baby need us. In attempting to temporarily clear our minds of normal parental concern, would we rather our baby be five miles or five floors away, in our hotel room, a drive across the highway or an elevator ride away from us?