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Top Family Restaurants - Check List:

This site also includes recommendations for family-oriented restaurants. We also often include commentaries of resort restaurants within particular the resort listings. Either way, here is what we look for in this category:

  • General attitude towards kids in the restaurant: Annoyance or willingness to accommodate?
    • Staff (waiters, waitresses, etc.) pushy and/or rushing?

  • Seating:
    • Booth or chairs?
    • Babies and kids situated away from kitchen, front entry, traffic, crowds, and people carrying hot trays.

  • Service:
    • Waiters available when you need them.

  • Food:
    • Appealing appearance and texture.
    • Bonus points for vegetarian and vegan options.
    • Inventiveness of menu and items.
    • Children's menu: Basic staples for kids who will not eat fancy foods.
    • Openness to substitutions or special requests?

  • Conveniences:
    • Coloring or activity pages with crayons available for youngsters.
    • For babies, changing table available in bathroom.
    • Parking or valet available near front entrance. Kids don't have to cross busy streets to get to the front.

  • Comfort:
    • Feeling of general spaciousness, both at table and throughout restaurant. Ability to push baby through the restaurant in stroller.
    • Unobstructed passageways for strollers.
    • Kids feel free to laugh and talk. Not too stodgy or quiet.

  • Ambiance:
    • Not a boisterous situation for the kiddos: no sport's bars or pick-up joints included.
    • Appropriate, comfortable temperature in restaurant. Absence of drafts or overheating for kids and tots.
    • Mellow, relaxing tunes--no booming, loud music.
    • Tables and bathrooms are clean.
    • Kids and babies seem generally relaxed and comfortable.