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Resort Guidelines:

At, we strive for objectivity and fairness in rating the resorts, attractions, and restaurants on the site. We aim to ensure that you receive scores based on consistent criteria. Therefore, the scores are determined by holding up each location to checklists (see below) that are designed to hit all the important notes in each category. Depending on how many points the location gains from this criteria on the checklist, each location is given a score of for its romantic aspects and of for family-friendliness. When it comes to food, the degree of tastiness and variety are denoted by a Food Quality and a five-symbol rating represents the best possible score for each category, with one symbol indicating the lowest. Our ranking system for both categories could be read as follows:

5 = Outstanding. Wow! The best of the best!
4 = Above average. Very good. Excellent on many levels.
3 = Average, acceptable. Decently equipped. Affords a pleasant stay.
2 = Insufficient. Not quite what one would hope for.
1= Poor, lacking, deficient.

Thus, a denotation of and (such as that received by the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa and certain other listings) represents a perfect score on both fronts, whereas a score of and (given for instance to L’Auberge Del Mar Resort and Spa) would be very romantic and reasonably, but not tremendously, appropriate for kids. Please know though that in order for a resort to simply be featured in this site, it had to possess sufficient scores in both categoties; all of these resorts have some stand-out feature, however, not all of them possess flair in all categories. So, if you are interested, you can view our checklists below: