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We can only start when we do, so beginning 2014, has adapted an additional consideration when traveling and that is what is known today as cruelty-free living. More and more research shows that we do not need to eat animals to obtain our protein, and thus, why are we continuing to support organizations that slaughter millions of innocent animals every year?, like many other organizations, has gone green and adapted vegetarian and vegan living. For our site, this simply means that our restaruant reviews will be including mention when vegetarian options are included in their menus. Previous reviews that reflect ominvorous options are still left on the site for those interested.

We continue to encourage all readers to write to us with your thoughts and here is a shout-out to vegans and vegetarians as well! If you have travel stories or requests for reviews, you too are warmly welcomed to write to us at If you are not of this persuasion, you will still find the same high quality travel reviews, but with vegetarian food options mentioned when available. You will not find hostility or pressure if you do not ascribe to this living; it is just a new dimension to be included for consideration when traveling. Here's to more wonderful travels for all in the coming year!