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Gaining a Family Experience

Let's face it: raising kids requires a ton of energy, to say the least. So often, we see parents counting the days until they can go on their own adult-only vacation and leave the kids with grandma or a babysitter. We do understand the need for a break, but we at want to challenge you to reconsider and visualize the possibility of taking the kids along on your next vacation adventure! Why, you ask. Here are a few thoughts on this matter.

We believe that one of the foremost advantages of including your kids or even babies with you in your travels is that it enables you to gain the benefit of a holistic family experience, even if you are a single parent or if you are traveling on business. The travel time that might have been initially designed to only be with your spouse or as a necessity of business can also serve to bring your entire family closer together! You will gain memories of your baby or kiddos at the beach or the mountains or the countryside, depending on where you are traveling, that can be cherished throughout your lifetime.

We can all agree that we are living in a tough economy these days. Within the hectic pace within which most families function, with both parents often working, it is so difficult to establish regular periods at home in which the whole family can rejuvenate themselves and experience a lot of togetherness. We all strive to develop regular family time, but realistically, the picture does not always include the whole family sitting around the table after dinner, playing board games and laughing for hours. The more typical scenario we see on a daily basis are parents heading in different directions for at least 8-10 hours a day, kids in day-care or after-school care, and when everyone reconvenes, so many chores await them--preparing dinner, bathing the younger children, helping with homework, doing the dishes, getting ready for work the next day--that, sadly, little time remains to just enjoy each other. We cannot feel guilty if this is the scenario we see. But what we can realistically do is set up some specific vacation times this coming year with the complete objectives of reconnecting and enjoying each other. If you haven't explored this venue, family travel, give it a try and see if it fills the gap--at least partially--in our all too-fragmented and busy lives.

FEATURED RESORT: Meadowood Napa Valley

The Meadowood, in lovely Napa Valley, is characterized by gracious wine country hospitality and a brimming menu of resort amenities: two croquet lawns, seven tennis courts, a 9-hole walking golf course, a 25-yard lap pool, a family swimming pool and a complete health spa providing fitness services such as personal training and luxury treatments. The Meadowood is also a private club and a wine center with two restaurants, The Restaurant, for formal fare, and The Grill, for a more casual atmosphere. Read the full review. More>>